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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Ramblings

Today was a good Sunday. Jonny was up all night last night sick.(poor fella) He hasn't been feeling well the past week and it has kept me up all night as well with all the sniffles and such. This morning as my alarm clock went off and I was debating whether to sleep in or not, I was nudged to go to church. I ignored it for about a half hour (because I really hate going to church alone) but I decided I would feel too bad if I didn't go- so I went. I was SO grateful I went today. The spirit was so strong at church today. There are certain lessons I just feel I am meant to hear and today was one of them. I loved listening to all the testimonies and amazing stories (couldn't help but cry listening to these two amazing stories on adoption) One from the recieving end and one on the giving end. Sometimes I feel like that may be the option Jonny and I have to go for. We just want to try ONE more thing before going to that level. It's hard to know sometimes what heavenly fathers plan for your family is. Our lesson today in Sunday School was about Job. It was about his trials in life and how he handled them and what they were for. For the last few weeks I have had a hard time not feeling empty and a little confused. Our house is gone, which is leaving me a little home sick, my very very best friend is going through a rough divorce (and I am going through all that emotional stuff with her), and I am still feeling that empty nest syndrom. Slowly but surely that emptiness comes back no matter what I do. Today I learned to be more like Job. To instead of asking why me, to ask what kind of person is heavenly father wanting me to be through all of this? Job had all the things in the world that he needed- and he didn't care. Job 1:21 he said: Naked came I out of my mothers whom, and naked shall I return thither: the lord gave, and the lord taken away, blessed be the name of the lord. I loved that scripture he shared today. We have nothing in this world to start with-and we take nothing with us- so in reality none of that matters. What matters is what we do with the time we have. It gave me a little peace today to remember how simple the gospel really is. We make choices everyday- if we make the good choices we can have that light of Christ, which is really what helps us to fight our daily battles with those feelings. I am just grateful to have the gospel in my life. I honestly can't imagine life without that hope and love.

On another note...:) I thought I would post a picture of my HOT husband! So proud of him loosing weight for the trip-definitley is more disciplined than me...haha!


On Saturday he took me to the shooting range to show off his new gun-a 40 I think? All I know is it had a big bang! He had been asking for it for a while and I finally let him get it.:) I must say though, he has been a little spoiled with all his electronics latley! He got a free I Pad from work (which I love!) and the new Droid phone so I can't seem to get him to stop playing with all his new toys!! GOODNESS! Do any of you go crazy with all these elctronics on?!!! Enjoy the pics (Please ignore the fact I am wearing my uniform from the hospital!) I went straight from my volunteer hours to the shooting range. Ya looks awesome I know...and the pics were taken with Jonny's phone. Oh well-enjoy.




azHarline said...

I totally know what you mean about the electronics stuff. My husband loves them and will literally spend hours playing with his.

AZ Finters said...

Aaron said it was a great meeting. Too bad I was home with a sick kid.
We went to the temple this past weekend and Aaron said that today he had a lot of clients pay large bills. Maybe we all need to start attending all of our meetings a bit more. I guess it cant hurt right?
Also, we love to shoot. I've been wanting to try the new range out in QC.Let us know if you want a date sometime.