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Thursday, September 2, 2010


I have officially signed up for my first run ever! A 5k to be exact, which I just learned is only a little over 3 miles. Sounds not to bad, right? WRONG. I have never been a runner- in fact my only experience with running was back in 5th grade really when I decided to sign up for track and field. I remember being at the very front for the race, being trampled over, and crying because my knee was bleeding...then I quit. lol. No seriously though I am an awful runner. I don't look peaceful like this girl in the picture does. I like more like the picture at the bottom-barley surviving arms flailing everywhere, and really LOUD heavy breathing. It sounded like such a good idea in my head, thinking I would feel SO good to get a good run in everyday. I know I have only given it a week, maybe a total of 4 runs, but GOSH I hate it!! So, since I only really have a few weeks to train for this, it should be interesting to see how I do. I have gone on a few practice runs already and can only last like 20 minuites. NOTE TO SELF: NEVER go running at 4 in the afternoon in literally might die. The run is on October 11th- a week and a half I will be gone in the Carribean NOT training. Any suggestions on how to do this right? Does anyone out there actually LIKE running? Some advice would be nice on this...:)


Heather said...

can I do it with you? Where is it at?

bailey michael said...

Come do the half marathon in November! I'm doing it! Youll do great! eye on the finish line!!