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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Been Doing Lots of This Latley

It has been soooo HOT this summer it feels like! I honestly think it just feels a little warmer to me since I have been trying to cut down on our SRP bills every month. Last year around this time our SRP bill was like $400 a month!!!!! RIDICULOUS! save money we have kept our air to unbearable temperatures! Really though...I type this as my thermostate reads 93 degrees. I can only sit here for like 5 minuites at a time before throwing myself in the pool. (which I will be doing shortly) Ok...I am complaining a bit, but it's it's freakin hot! We bought this seperate ac unit to go in our bedroom so we FREEZE our bedroom and save LOTS of money on our AC bill. For now I will struggle. Any good suggestions on saving money would be great!
On another note: I saw some rain clouds today....wondering if monsoon season is just around the corner! CAN'T WAIT!!!!!


karis stapley said...

Awesome! You guys are smart! I'm curious to see how much it cuts your bill by the end of the hot season.
Thank heavens for swimming pools!

Jenn and Tyler said...

I hope you save MILLIONS!!! haha plus being forced to go swim every night is like the greatest ever!!! You look so cute in your suit! And your hair looks more blonde?? Did you dye it?? You must tell me this business! haha loves!