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Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Projects

YAY for finally working on a new project! I have seen this idea on numerous craft blogs and wanted to try it for my downstairs bathroom. I have 4 bathrooms in my house and it's NOT so easy to come up with a new idea for each one of them! Because of that, my bathroom has remained nearly empty for the 3 years I have lived here! SO...slowly but surley I am working on revamping the bathrooms a bit. This project was seriously So cheap and SO easy! I went to Michaels and bought these blank canvas pieces for $10 since I had a 40% off coupon that they let me use on both of them. I just picked out some fun fabric and correlating ribbon to match. I put a little matting in between the fabric and the canvas to make it stand out a little more and literally just used my staple gun to tac it on. I went and got matching towels and now just need to put it up on the wall. If I ever get to the finishing of the project I will try to remember to take a picture and post it.


Jenn and Tyler said...

SO CUTE!!!!! You finally posted this!! I was waiting they look so good! and your bathroom is going to be hot!! I love the pic of you and Jonny btw!! so hot!! haha LOVES U!!!

Heather said...

What are they exactly?