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Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Member of the Family!!!

I wanted to give a warm welcome to my new little niece Audriana!My sister in law had her baby a few weeks ago and she is stinkin adorable! Unfortunately I was sick for a week and wasn't able to see her for a while! I was finally able to meet her this past week and I am totally in love with this little girl.Here are some pictures Jonny took at the hospital. I get to do a photo shoot of her next week which should be fun! My first one! I have to admit though, I really have NO idea what I'm doing...hopefully it will turn out!Here are some pics of the new little one!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

She is so cute! Such a dang cute family. I am excited to see how your photo shoot turns out!!! :) I can see it now Britt's Photography!