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Friday, April 2, 2010

Slumber Party

Last night my sister Sara and I got to have a slumber party over at (my Besties) Jenn's house! We had A LOT of fun! We usually do when the three of us get together! It consisted of hot wing pizza, WAY too many sugary treats, Band Hero (I think that's the name of the game), Dance Dance Revolution (my first time ever playing that one!), OH and let's not forget playing with Roxy!! Thanks Jenn for being an amazing host! Can't wait to do this again!!!! Oh and yes...those are tums laying on top of our amazing desert pile! It consisted of oreo icecream, lemon bars, rice crispy treat, runt candies, and tums on top! (OH and a side of pizza!)

1 comment:

Jenn and Tyler said...

HAHAHAHHAA LOVE IT!!! SO much fun!!! Thanks for coming over my love!! I had a blast. You and Sara are the best!! Can't wait until next time!!! LOVE U!!