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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Napa Valley and Santa Rosa

The Vineyards!!

The old lake he used to fish at ALL the time!

We found deer, llamas, and some fat pugs in the yard of one of his friends house

Jonny's old Backyard!!(For real!!)

Visitng Jonny's Grandpa

The island behind me is Alcatraz (A famous prison on an island that only ONE person has escaped from!)

Hangin out on the Trolley!

Here are the last of the pics from our 6 year anniversary trip! I can't believe we have been married so long! Time flies when you are having fun! I love my husband so much and am so grateful to have him in my life! LOVE you baby!!! On our trip we went to Santa Rosa where Jonny grew up to see some of his old homes and some neighbor friends of his. Then we went up to Napa Valley and got to see all the beautiful grape vines and scenery. We went to a very romantic little Italian restaurant and enjoyed some delicious pasta and steak that I CRAVE SO MUCH right now on this new diet! Speaking of which diet is going good (Loosing about a pound a day!!) Overall, it's not so bad! I am already on day 7 of the diet (including the first two binge days) and only have 3 more weeks to go of this madness! I never realized how much I loved sugar!!!! I will try to keep you guys posted on my progress!!


Cori said...

BE CAREFUL you said that only ONE person has excaped from the prison on that island... the only person that would know that is the person that excaped... hmmmm so how well do i really know you... hmmmmm

Jonny and Brittany said...

bwahahahaha! You make me laugh!Love you Cori girl!!!