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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

HcG Diet

For those of you who don't know, I have started the HcG Diet. I am actually EXTREMLEY excited to see how this turns out! If anyone wants information on how to get husband's friend is a Chiropractor who can help you out as well! It's really an amazing diet! Jonny and I are being a part of their before and after pics so once the hot bod comes...I MAY think about posting my before pics...untill then you will all have to be in suspense about how awful my before pictures are. I really had NO idea how bad my back side looked till I got to see the evidence. (YUCK!) I don't have to repeat how it works one billion times I thought I would post it instead. Here's the skinny on it:

*It's a 30 day diet that consists of eating 500 calories a day (VERY restricted diet) It consists of chicken, fruites, some fish, and tea-that's about it! Also-NO makeup, hair conditioner, orbody lotion!!!!!!!!)CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! SO if I look like a hobo the next month you know why!

*The first TWO days of the diet you binge eat! Seriously NASTY greesy food and thousands of calories! You eat everything your heart desires and more! Not even kidding -the more you eat the better because it opens your fat cells and boosts your metabolism!!(You are supposed to gain about 4 pounds!!)-Don't worry, I'm right on track for that!

* You take 15 drops a day under your toungue three times a day of the HCG (This is a hormone a woman get's when she is pregnant helping you feed off your stored fats. It's naturally meant for the baby, but will help you loose weight fast if your not) It also makes you feel full during the day even on eating only 500 calories a day

*You take Vitamin B for energy and don't have to exercise! AMAZING!!!!!

I really am exited for my husband and I to do this helps motivate me when he is doing it too!! People have lots TONS of weight quick and I have heard nothing but good things about it! I also hear the weight doesn't come back! I will keep you guys updated on my experience with the product and hopefully it will work out!!!


Heather said...

good luck. I am excited to see the results and see if you recommend it. Maybe i will try. But I will still throw in exercise as well.

AZ Finters said...

well, i was interested... NO makeup??? I dont think i could go to church or out on the weekend.

Josh &Tiffanie White said...

I've heard lots about that too but those kinds of things scare me even when they're "proven to work" and doctor recommended, I don't know why. haha. But once things settle down Josh and I plan on both getting on a good diet plan, exercising together and creating a healthy lifestyle. Its EXTREMELY HARD to do that when we don't even have a kitchen put together anymore and we'll be traveling and living in hotels for the next month! lol.

Good luck, and yes, I'd like to hear how you do... BUT, why the heck are you doing this!? You already look great!!!!

Jenny and Shane said...

My chiropractor's wife did this. She had great results. I think she lost 30 pounds? I've heard it recommended by a naturalpathic doctor as well. It's the barely eating anything part that I couldn't do.