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Friday, November 27, 2009


The Husband and I

My cute puppies!!!

The girls!

My adorable Nephew Joshua



Playing Soccer

The Injury
My poor Husband

Ping Pong Tournament
Sara and Jacob

Kelly and her new little boyfriend Dayton

Tawnee and Jonny trying to beat each others game score all night!

Mom and Grandma

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! We have had some of Jonny's family (5 people to be exact) staying at our house so it's been a bit chaotic over here! They will be leaving Sunday...Monday I am staying home from work to relax from the after it's Jonny's birthday! We had Jonny's mom over early in the morning cooking Turkey's in our oven (we finally are getting use of our double oven!) We went to Jonny's aunts where we had 54 people for Thanksgiving dinner!! Luckily all I had to do is a green bean casserole! The boys every year play soccer, football, and ping pong. Jonny every year somehow get's hurt! This year he got scrapped up pretty bad!!! Poor guy! After a long day over there we headed over to my Aunt's home for dessert! It was a long day but lot's of fun to see all of our family that was in town! I attempted to do a little shopping today being Black Friday and all. Now just focusing on Christmas Decorations getting up at my household...I have to get ready for a big birthday party for Jonny tomorrow night so this should be a busy weekend...Hope everyone is enjoying their time with family!!!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

Hurray for thanksgiving my love!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time and lots of yummy food! Poor Jonny though I hope he is ok!! I am sure you took care of him though. :) Have an awesome day off tomorrow together! Can't wait to see you on tues loves!!