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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Officially a Seamstress!!!

The first blood drawn! I had no idea I would be getting battle wounds from all of this!

The Finished Product!!!

We made it reversible...

How can you resist this adorable face??? Really!!!! Cori's little girl is stinkin cute!!!

Lunch with the Sisters!!

I have never sewn anything my entire life and have always been super scared of a sewing machine. My husband was literally the one to sew if anything tore at our house...One of my closest friends from high school (Cori Jane) decided to teach me how to sew! She is AMAZING at putting all sorts of fun crafts together. She told me to go pick out some material and come over and she would show me what to do...instead of doing it for me though she actually taught me so it ended up taking FOREVER! I was as slow as a turtle (REALLY)!! We had so much fun though chatting away about old times! Here are some of our shots in action! Thanks Cori for an awesome night! SO much fun!!! I also added a few fun pics of me and my fam going out to lunch that sisters and I are only a tad bit immature if you can't tell...:)


karis stapley said...

Good job Britt! Super cute! Sewing makes me nervous too. I've not done it a lot in my life either. I suppose because there's not much need for it these days, but its fun to know & comes in handy at times as well!
Been meaning to tell you, I was going through some files the other day & found a random picture of you, Sara, my mom, your mom, & I when we went to Kelly's last high school Euporea concert. We all looked cute & like we were enjoying eachothers company. You had really long straight hair in it. Fun memories!

Jenn and Tyler said...

So proud of you love!! I love your seamstress skills!! We need to make a purse now!! Or an outfit for our puppers!! hahah love ya girl!!