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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Family Reunion in Colorado

The whole group

Tubing down the river

Finally catching a fish

Amazing View

Our new boat

The beautiful Scenery

The fam

Playin Hearts all night...

Cabin/Trailer thing

This is the secluded lake we beautiful!

Me and the boys

Jonny enjoying the fishing

I have never in my life been to Colorado but I must say that it's beautiful! Jonny spent a few years there growing up and his family got together for a family reunion. It was awesome! I got to meet a lot of new people and enjoyed the perfect weather! It was a nice 5 days in a cabin/trailor! haha...I really don't know what it was but we had fun. Jon was OBSESSED though with fishing the whole time! Th lake we were walking distance from was HUGE and beautiful but we couldn't seem to catch any fish. We ended up finding a secluded little lake that was the most peaceful place. We took the fam there the following day after we found it and we all pretty much caught was great! We actually bought a little fishing boat and propellor just for the trip. I think the best part of the trip was riding our tubes down the river. It was actually really scary!!! There were times we thought we were going to die!! The water was super fast on parts and pulling us all over the place! Overall it was a super fun trip and I would love to go back! Colorado was peaceful and relaxing! I can always use a good relaxing trip!!! It makes me so grateful for the beautiful world we live in...we truly are so blessed!!


Jenny and Shane said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!

P.S. Your page is so cute!

Kara said...

Great job on your picture editing! I just love that one with you and the 2 little boys. Yeah I really want to go to Colorado, it looks amazing

azHarline said...

It looks so beautiful there. Vacations are so much family, especially when they are with family.

Anonymous said...

How fun! Thats so nice to get out of the heat. You look exactly the same, so pretty, love the pictures! Tell Jonny I said Hi:)