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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WOW!!! Love Monsoon Season

Who woke up at 5 am this morning??? Holy cow! It was crazy! After waking up to the loud thunder I then realized I had left my poor puppies out back all night. I went to get them and they pretty much looked traumatized! Poor things! I may be crazy but I LOVE MONSOON SEASON! Serious...I could sit outside for hours and be occupied with the beautiful lightning and the smell of the rain! Things smell so fresh and clean after a good rain! I am off to Colorado tomorrow which is also going to be expecting big storms! We are going to be staying in a cabin in Durango from tomorrow till Sunday! Totally excited!!!! I am a little behind on my posting due to INSANE amounts of homework! Doubeling up on classes was a stupid idea in the summer...we have been going out of town almost every week somewhere! I should be able to post some fun pics from our recent trips soon!:) Hope all is well for everyone!


karis stapley said...

I LOVE monsoon season too! It's my fav! Love the smell of rain & the amazing light show! And its great that its warm rain!

Heather said...

I love them as well. I sat outside last night by myself and just enjoyed them. Sorry you are so crazy busy.

Josh & Tiffanie White said...

I LOVE it too. I honestly couldn't sleep that night it was SO loud. I kept thinking lightening was going to strike my house and what I would do if that happened. lol. It was SCARY!! And you live a mile away so I'm sure it was the same strikes that were keeping us both up!!

Oh, and I LOVE your header picture, that is so cute!! I am guessing it looks like toontown at Disneyland! Josh has never been before so I have promised to take him there SOON!!