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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Camping for the 4th of July


I am a little late with posting but I thought I would get started...we have been going on lots of fun little trips recently. Literally last minute Jonny and I decided to head off to go camping with his sister Ali and her fam for the 4th of July! It was a blast!!! We went fishing on a beautiful lake right next to our camp site and hangin out in our little 4 person raft. We loved playing poker every night (my first time learning how to play) and making s'mores next to the fire. It was FREEZING!! I was constantly wearing like 5 pairs of socks and looked just a little bit ridiculous! Jon brought his guns so we had fun shooting random things. Jonny traumatized his cute little nephews by shooting a bird sad!:( They still talk about how Jonny killed a bid and a fish! Most of the time the weather was beautiful but one of the days it rained and even hailed!!! The thunder storm was CRAZY! It was pretty scary but overall an enjoyed trip.

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