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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Patio Furniture Finally!!!

Chillen by the Pool!!:)

I am so happy that we finally got the patio furniture we have been wanting for a while now!!:) We got the patio set Jonny was sitting on and also these lay out chairs that I LOVE!!! We got the chairs themselves for free and then went and custom made these beautiful cushions!! Hurray for Summer!!! We love having family and friends over for a swim party and BBQ!!!


karis stapley said...

Ooo! How fun! Makes me excited for summer! It looks so great!

Suni said...

I want patio furniture! How nice, where did you get it at? Your backyard looks so nice!!

Jonny and Brittany said...

Thank you!!!! I got the patio set from Lowes. The lounge lay out chairs I got free from a friend and then got the cushions custom made for about $80 each. Totally worth it though!!! They are super comfy and look great...:)

Kara said...

Hey you got the cushions! They look great. What a fun backyard!

Heather said...

sweet when can we come over? You should have an open house party just for fun!

Looks like you had a fun easter as well.
Good times

Jenn and Tyler said...

I love it!! Beautiful furniture! To bad your pool is still frekin cold!! We must play sims and have a pool party soon!

Jason & Amanda Chapman said...

You have a beautiful back yard! I wish ours looked like that!