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Sunday, April 12, 2009


Jonny Getting Egg Mashed in his Hands!!

Sara Dropping the Egg

Opening Easter Baskets

Lyndsey One The Hunt getting almost $40 out of $110

Sara Finally Finding an EGG

Running to Find the Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

My Easter Basket from Jonny

Talk about fun!!! My family seriously is the funnest on Easter! We did a "MONEY EGG" hunt along with the Egg Toss!!! We had a blast!!! Check out some of these funny videos and pictures! The first year we were married I made Jonny up an Easter Basket that I worked very hard on...I was SO MAD he didn't think of getting me anything on our first Easter together so I never let him forget it. This year I felt so bad because he worked so hard to put a basket together the night before where I totally forgot him. Now we're even...haha!!


Suni said...

How fun! I wish I got to do a money easter egg hunt!

azHarline said...

Looks like you had a fun Easter. I'm glad that we still get to act all like kids and get Easter baskets and an egg hunt. I hope I never get too old for this stuff.

Kara said...

Money easter egg hunt huh? What a great idea for the older ones!! I will have to remeber that one. Looks like you guys had a blast. Im so mad I didnt get to go to the Easter Pageant this year, AGAIN! I really wanted to see your sister play Mary. Im sure she was fabulous!

Jenn and Tyler said...

Hurray for Easter! I am so jelous of your fabulas funness!

Basarabas said...

I so miss doing Easter egg hunts! Can't wait until Jacob is old enough to even care!