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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Girls Night Vs Boys Night!

Jonny and his guy friends spread across the house (including my room) and played HALO till about 3 am!!! They had a blast and he is already begging to have another guy night! I on the other night had a reunion with some old dance friends and enjoyed my girls night! Sometimes it can be fun to get away from each other for a night!:)


Julie said...

Hey Brittany I love your blog!! I am so glad you found me after our Girls Night. I totally know how you feel about the whole video game thing spreading across the house. Eventually I gave Jason his own "xbox room"

karis stapley said...

Hey Britt! Thanks so much for coming by to see me off. It was so much fun to see all the girls and have fun looking at all the old dance pictures! Oh, the memories!

Kara said...

haha, I cant believe what time Randy got home that night, crazy boys! I guess they are having one this Friday too. I was gonna go this time just for fun but I realized that I dont get off work till 10 this Friday. =( oh well.