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Monday, January 19, 2009

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!!!!

Yes! Another girls night!!! Jen (my very best friend from work), Sara, and I decided to have a full on girls night! This included eating Hot Wing Pizza (my fav), Playing with Roxy which is the coolest dog ever! Watching Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Which was full of awesome 80's dancing), wearing warm onsie adult pajamas, making old school friendship bracelets, and played Guitar Hero til 3 in the morning! It was tons of fun! The next morning Jen even made waffles and yummy homemade syrup! I may just move in with her!! Her comfy couch was enough for all three of us to sleep comfortably all night! Thanks for the fun night Jen!!!


karis stapley said...

How fun! Looks like you girls had a blast!

Kara said...

Love your new page, and I just LOVE those PJ's! I was telling my sis Nicole about them, now she wants some too :) Hey I cant wait for Monday, and this time my camera will be fully charged. So get ready... its picture time!!!

Trevor, Brittany, and Addison Gardner said...

Oh! The pic at the top of your blog took forever to load, so the whole time I'm thinking, "who are Jonny and Brittany and how do they know me?" And then it loaded and I'm like DUH! I can't believe you're 5 years married already. I'm going on 3. It's crazy that we're out of the newly wed group and into the old farts! Glad you found me!

Jenn and Tyler said...

FUNNEST NIGHT EVER!!!! PARTY IN MY PANTS!! hahaha I am texting you right now and making a comment in your blog! hahaha I am so cool. Love you mucho Britt!!