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Monday, January 19, 2009

5 Years of Marriage! What Have We Been Up To??

These are not really in Order...but here you go!:)

Honeymoon Cruise


Engagement pics

Night we were engaged...awful hair!!!!

Engagement Pictures
Cuddling on the Lov Sac
First Few weeks of dating (Long Ago)
Trip to California when we were dating
Rain Forest Cafe

First week we were dating

I am very excited to say that we have made it to our 5 year anniversary!!! This Saturday is our day!!! We are just going to dinner and just hanging out that night...then we are going out of town in a few weeks to Universal Studio's with some friends to celebrate! It's crazy how fast time goes by! January 31, 2004 Jonny and I were sealed for time and all eternity. It has been an amazing experience! I have grown so much in the past five years because of my experiences with my husband. He is super funny, romantic, a hard worker, and perfect for me in every way. I love him more then I can express. Our ups and downs have made us stronger than ever. We have had difficult trials to endure and it the same token have had opportunities and blessings that have made us so happy. He is my absolute best friend. I never thought I could be this close with someone.

Jonny and I met through a mutual friend (Cori) at a YSA Party. I was a few weeks away from graduating at the time. I told him I was "enrolled at MCC"-which wasn't a lie exactly because I was enrolled for the following semester. By the time he found out I was actually still in highschool it was too late! He was already stuck with me!:) 5 months later (which was the day after I turned 19) he proposed. He proposed at freestone park, on the bridge where we had our very first kiss. It was very romantic and totally unexpected. About three months after that we were married.

What have we been up to the past five years?? Well!!! Lots of stuff!!! We have lived in three different homes, owned 6 different homes for investment, we both graduated from our AA degree in Business, we have owned two dogs, been on 4 cruises, two trips to Hawaii, and all sorts of other traveling!!! I am totally excited because we are planning our next cruise right now! We should be going with some friends in 3 or 4 months! We have had so much fun building our lives together. We are so excited to start a family together. We have had the trial of not being able to get pregnant- but we are praying and hoping it will happen soon. We have been trying for about four years now and no luck!:( We will continue to have faith that it will happen for us. So hopefully one day we can give you guys the good news!!!


Basarabas said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Time really does fly by!

karis stapley said...

Congratulations! Wow! I can't believe it either! Time really does fly by! I remember when you guys were dating and then going to your wedding reception, Jace & I were dating at that time. Best of luck to you guys for all of your future years of anniversaries!

Jenn and Tyler said...

Hurray for five years! Its about time you catch up to us! hahaha and I loved your engagement dress you were stunning in it! Love ya!

Jason & Amanda Chapman said...

Happy Anniversary! Better late than never, right? :) You guys have been able to do some really cool things!!!! Good for you!!! Hang in there as far as babies go. We are going through the same thing. It will happen! Don't you worry! :)