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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonny!!!

Jonny is an OLD man man now!!! He is turning 28 this Sunday!!! A few things I love about Jonny are that he is an extremely hard worker, loves his family, and is great to cuddle with!!! Over the years he went from working in a cubicle at good ole UOP to a real estate investor and business owner. He is the love of my life and is a total goof ball!!! I call him my WB frog because he sings and dances and acts crazy when no one is looking...:) He has brought joy to my life and has helped me to love to travel all over the place! He is quit adventurous and has had me try all sorts of fun stuff now!! These are just a few fun pics of my handsome man!! I think the best thing about Jonny is he is patient with me! I can be difficult with all my mood swings and such and he continues to love me regaurdless. I love you Jonny!!!! I hope you have a fantastic birthday!!!!

Jonny with me and my Grandma

I think he is so cute when he is sleeping!

His OLD cubicle days!!!!

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