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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Life in a Nutshell

Mommy life is kicking in now high gear. Deklan will be 5 months old tomorrow!!! More on that later :) Things have been busy- but good! A few weeks ago, Jonny and I had our first date night out with a paid babysitter. We had left Deklan at this point only with Jonny's mom twice, and with our good friend Mindy a bunch of times. Mindy was a niccu nurse for 17 years, so I had a lot of trust in her. That and she has six children of her own that she cares for. She has been a life savor many of times I needed a little break. This first time with a paid babysitter though was different. We went on a normal date- dinner at B.J's Brewery, Krispie Creams, and a movie- a girl from our ward stayed at home with Deklan. It felt so adult like to be the parents leaving the baby with the babysitter at home. :) When we got home the girl told us he cried after we left for a little while, then ate and went to sleep. Sadly I FELT GOOD that he missed me! haha! It hit me that I AM HIS MOMMY. I am not just watching this little guy- he actually knows me, wants me, misses me, and will learn about life from ME. It felt good to feel needed. We got home and Jon and I stared at him in his crib for a good ten minutes just in awe that we made this perfect little boy. We are both so incredibly in love. I grabbed him and layed him on my chest and let him sleep- then Jonny wanted his turn to cuddle him. This time is moving by too fast. I could cuddle him all day. And am loving all the tiny reminders around my house that he is here to stay. I will soon be posting pics of Deklans nursery- it's all done finally- just needing to take pictures and post them. MOST of the time I am just MADLY in love with this boy and can't put him down. I say most of the time only because I HAVE had my frustrating days like anyone else. I do have moments where I need ME time, even if it's just to run to walmart for an hour by myself! It's much harder to get out of the house with a baby, but it's also MUCH more rewarding. And I am trying to soak in all the little things that truly bring so much joy. The house is FULL of baby towels, soaps,  toys, bottles, laundry, MORE laundry- and I love every bit of the baby clutter! 

 I was washing our bedding & put Deklan on the bed for 5 minutes when I came back to this sweet face :) So I jumped into our bed (with no sheets) and napped for a few hours with him. I LOVE that I can do this now!
 our poor house is BOMBARDED with baby stuff! (Play mat, tummy time mat, jumper, door jumper, bumbo, carseat, and swing.....whew!)

I can't imagine life without the mess and wouldn't have it any other way. The responsibility of another human life is scary. Scary and amazing all at the same time. We fall in love with him more each day!


Our Journey Through This Lovely Life said...

He is toooo cute!! Yay for date night!!! Sounds like fun! :) I can't believe he is going to be 5 months old!!!

Heather B said...

This is such a sweet post. I love everything you said. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that adorable sleeping picture of him on your bed. You are SO LUCKY that he can just lay there and fall asleep. NONE of my girls have been able to do it without serious sleep training. I am so glad you are cuddling him a lot. You will never regret that. Promise.

HannahDance said...

What an amazing place you are in with your sweet family right now! I can only sit and read and imagine and dream about what it will be like for me one day! I am so happy for you! Enjoy every moment as you are doing, because they go by soo quickly! What bliss, pure - baby - bliss! Huges to you!
Ps. I LOVE your baby clutter!! Especially that grass thing to dry the bottles...
Pps. How do I subscribe to your blog??