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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Baby Sister's Bridal Shower

mmmm the crepe bar :)

Luke enjoys patting Deklan on the head :)

Yup. baby sister is getting married! It's crazy and oh so exciting! My sisters and I worked really hard on this party today! It was lots of fun but we are partied out! Congrats Tawnee!!!! We love you!!!!! P.S Yes my sister and I are wearing matching shirts...this was unplanned and there was no time to change- had to document though :)


Jenn said...

So beautiful!! You both did such a good job Britt Britt! Such good crafters and shower experts! hahaha Loved the pics! Specially the one with little Deklan! Such a cutie it was so much fun to spend some time with you yesterday. Love you girly!!

Meg @ BigRedClifford said...

I can't believe she's getting married... I feel so old. The shower looked lovely though!!

Jacob and Sara said...

I love Deklans cuteness in the pic of him with Jen! My nephew is ADORABLE. funniest thing is his lil pee pee is almost hanging out cause the shorts are so big on him hahaha! You took some fantastical pics of this epic event, I think we did well:)