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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy First Fathers Day!!!!!!!!!

To my husband who is honestly the BEST dad! Deklan thinks so too :) For fathers day I blew up these pictures in a massive poster size and since he is THE hardest person to shop for I took him to Bass Pro Shop (his favorite place) to go pick out a new toy :) 

(Trying to capture even one good picture like this was hard- here was the reality of it :)

But you get the point- this guy LOVES his daddy!!!!!

 Jonny has a HUGE heart and especially for his boy! Deklan will at times literally calm down just hearing his voice. Jonny is a total goof ball with Deklan and he LOVES it! If you are ever around us you will know that he is the MOST protective daddy as well! This guy might as well be Mr. Mom! :)
Ladies this guy does late night feedings, diapers, swaddling, and constant cuddling! He is a natural at this for sure!

Here he is day one for the first time ever holding his boy :)

He has pure love for his son and all he talks about is how excited he is to camp, fish, and play with Deklan! Jonny you make an amazing dad! Deklan and I both love you tons! Happy First Fathers Day!!!!!!!


Britt and Deklan


Ali and Sergio said...

so precious Brittany, Jon is a great father and I'm so happy that you guys have such a sweet and healthy and strong little guy!! What a blessing he really is, and a stinkin' cutie pie for sure!!! Love him so much, and miss him :( And you Brit are just the best mommy!! I'm so proud and happy to see you guys with him! Love you both and I hope you guys are having a wonderful fathers day! We tried calling to wish Jon a happy D Day but we'll try again later!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Jenn said...

So cute! Love this pics Britt! The one with Deklans squished face is so funny! I was dying! Such a cutie even with a squished face! I am so glad Jonny is such a good Dad! He sure waited long enough to be! You guys are already amazing parents! So glad you are able to both enjoy these new holidays of parenthood! LOVE U! MUAH!