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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Life Vantage Convention 2012

This past week we got to attend the Life Vantage Convention in Anaheim California! It was an amazing experience and was so fun to see all our life vantage family which keeps growing and growing! I couldn't be more grateful for Jonny and Jeremy and all their hard work!! They officially hit Pro 8 a few months ago and are working hard to hit Pro 9!! The first night the company picked up the elite ranks and brought us in a limo to a yummy dinner. It was hard to dress up for a black tie event being so pregnant - but it was fun! These pics are not in order- but here they are! :)

Jeremy and Mindy on the Red Carpet :)

Us before jumping in the limo

Donny Osmand- Pretty sure Declan is a fan because he was kickin me like CRAZY while he was singing :)
Mindy and I at the event

My big bowling ball belly :)

How to bowl when your almost nine months pregnant

Fred Graves, his wife, Jon, and I

The ladies can't ever get enough of Jonny :) Always cracks me up :)

Fred and Jonny after speaking at one of their break out sessions! They did such a good job!!! The room was packed every time they did their session! It's amazing to see people sitting in the isles- the front- standing across the back to see these boys speak! They did SUCH a good job together too :)

Jon and I before getting on stage

SO SO proud of Randy and Kara being recognized for hitting Pro 6! Way to go guys!! :)

Life Vantage rented out the bowling alley for a night which was a blast!

Yes that's me at the microphone speaking in front of 4500 people- seriously had a panick attack and could have given BIRTH on stage I was so nervous- but HEY I'm slowly working on saying more than my name up there :)

 Chris, Eric, and Trish with Jonny- love you guys!

Jonny and Jeremy! These boys have worked SO hard and deserve to be Pro 8- so incredibly proud of them!!!

AND- a few more bowling pics :)

The next event is in Orlando Florida (next to HARRY POTTER LAND!) I seriously can't wait- and Declan will be 8 weeks old so it will be so fun! Can't wait!!!! SO proud of you Jonny!!!

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