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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Last Christmas the Two of Us

This makes me smile...A LOT! We did our normal arrangement of Christmas Eve with Jonny's Fam and Christmas Morning with my fam! Highlight of my day was being able to talk to my sister Kelly who is on our mission right now is Washington DC.

The Kids before Bed- the had a whole plan of how to "Catch Santa" that night- Most of Jonny's fam spent the night at his sisters Jenn's place all together.

This was our LAST Christmas together- and since I failed to get Jonny any surprises this year being sick and all- I woke up early- cleaned the house and made his peanut butter cookies (his fav)
After spending the morning with JUST the husband- which was fantastic- we went to my family's place where we all played with the newest addition to the family- isn't he just scrumptious?!!!
Sara found Jonny asleep within 5 minutes of holding Luke- he's a natural :)
The highlight of ALL of our day was getting to talk with Kelly for 45 minuites before eating our AMAZING tradition of homemade breakfast Croissants :)

We had an amazing day with family and CAN'T WAIT for next year when little Declan will be joining the family! :)


Megan said...

Isn't it exciting to think that there will be three of you next Christmas?!?! :) Daddy looks ready :)

Tisha and Mark said...

Hope you had merry christmas! I remember our last Christmas together but it is NOTHING compared to the Christmas with excited kiddies :)