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Monday, April 18, 2011

Salt Lake Temple

Had to take a shot of all the million brides I saw!!

Easter and conference = AMAZING flowers at the temple- the colors were gorgeous!
I loved this cute family taking pictures before being sealed for time and all eternity.
The blossoms were in full bloom and all over the place.:)

I was able to go through the live session at the Salt Lake Temple which was sooo cool! That temple is beautiful! I still think the inside of the Sand Diego temple is the most beautiful I have seen yet- Here are a few pics I took while I was there- I was there on a Saturday and saw about 14 brides walking around! CRAZY!!!! It was a beautiful day out and perfect time for some pics.:) These were just a few- I took a ton though of course!


Ryan and LeDawn said...

I just kinda skimmed thru your blog and noticed the infertility stuff. I just want to give you a cyber hug and tell you to hang on! It's the worst thing I think a person can go thru - to be completely out of control of your own body. Been there, did that for 4 very long years. I have been in some deep dark places and although our path might be different I know the pain. And I know when we were going thru it, it was relieveing to know we werent alone. There were others out there with the same pain who understood.

On my sidebar of my blog I have a few sites I follow regarding infertility. If you dont already read them I suggest you just take a look. It might help you not feel alone. the blog titled from "if to when" is my favorite because she shares her true feelings. No sugar coating which I know I did because I didnt want to offend people. But be warned she does curse.

Good luck with everything. And again, giant hug!

karis stapley said...

Awesome! I love the beauty of that place! And yes, the live sessions are so neat to experience, I love them. What fun!