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Sunday, January 30, 2011

My WB Frog

Tomorrow is our big day but we aren't doing anything fancy. I have a stinken 3500 word paper due tomorrow, speaking of which I still have 800 words to get goin on tonight.:( Jonny decided to take me to this yummy restaurant we had never been to before called Chart House. If you haven't been there you should go. The steak I had there was divine! It's a pretty fun place in Scottsdale surrounded by water (a lake) so the environment is kinda fun too. I just had to post this picture of the menu. He called in advance to let them know it was our anniversary and to our surprise they made new menu's for us!haha! What I thought was cute though is that I took a quick picture of the menu's, and as we are leaving I see Jonny fold up one of the menu's and put it in out to go bag. He said we should keep it to scrap book. I'm like...uhhh I don't really scrap book anymore babe. In my mind I'm thinking "great another random piece of crap to put in a box." haha-I kept it of course because it was too funny to NOT keep- or to hurt my poor hubby's feelings. He really wanted me to keep it for scrap booking purposes. Gotta love him! He surprises me still to this day. I call him my little WB Frog! Have you guys seen that cartoon? Ya know the one where the frog sings and dances only in front of that one guy- but when he tries to show everyone else he stops?? K well, that's my husband. He is the goofiest (is that a word?) craziest, sweetest guy ever around me! He makes me laugh all day long when it's just the two of us! Seriously though no one else see's that side of him. Around everyone else he is "Mr. Business man." lol! So now I am sharing with you our little secret- he is a total dork..but he's my dork. Just sayin!

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