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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

St Thomas Trip

We took a trail off the beach that led us waaay high up on the mountain with some gorgeous views.:)
Kissed a random donkey while I was out

You can see how high we hiked from the water!

Our Scuba Diving Excursion!! So fun!

View from my Balcony

Full Kitchen, Two bathrooms, two bedroom, living room, and two balconies-NOT BAD!

This was taken after a fun day of snorkeling outside the resort! Just beautiful! We would run and jump pff that dock with all our gear! Good times!

The View from the living room window- cruise lines came in almost every day right next to our room!
We did LOTS of shopping this trip- finally getting Jonny the new wedding ring he has needed for a while now!
Capturing the whole idea of driving on the left side of the road- pretty scary!

We got bored- so Jonny took the camera to take some goofy pics. We had soooo much fun together on this trip! I am so grateful that we still have so much fun together after all this time! He really is my best friend.

More Ugly Pictures
Excuse the Ugliness on these pictures please. This is a whole day full of Ocean hair and absolutley NO makeup!

Mt took a car ferry to another smaller Island (St Johns) and got this awesome pic on the way back.
The Amazing Beach right in front of our hotel- AND my HOT husband!
Cool waterfall- You can kind of see in this picture my awesome HUGE bruise on my leg I got from scuba Diving- the tank fell on my leg-enough said.

My New Favorite Drink: Miami Vices(virgin strawberry Coladas...yummmm)
Oh how my heart aches for one of these right now.:)
Chillen at the famous Iggies
We hade some freakin AMAZING food! I could seriously post an entire thing on food alone- ere was just one of the fancy plates.:)

I have been a bit frustrated trying to figure out this blog latley! Number one: I am used to blogging at work- That privelage has recently been taken away which makes life difficult. I don't have a big desire to blog anymore...lame I know. Number two: My stupid new layout and want to make the pictures larger failed.:( I couldn't get the pictures to look right and it was taking WAY too long- which I wouldn't have minded doing if I was getting paid for it like before. So I decided to go back to my old way of blogging...much more simple, and I do enjoy simple. I suppose I should go ahead and post some of the pictures from my trip. It really was amazing.:) I truly am grateful for the traveling we have been able to do thus far. We have been extremley blessed to be able to go on such wonderful trips in the past 7 years *GASP* (yeah, we've been married almost that long!)So- because I am too lazy- here are some unedited pictures from the trip....Enjoy!!!


Heather B said...

Beautiful pics! Wow! And you and Jonny both look great. I want one of those Daquiris bad.

Tisha and Mark said...

Your main pic on the blog is so cute! I love your curly hair! :) Sounds like a great trip...I need me a tropical vaca!

AZ Finters said...

Looks so beautiful! Im jealous!

Heather said...

Looks like sooo much fun. You look great by the way. Love the hair.