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Thursday, August 19, 2010


I really need to scream right now. My whole body aches, I'm tired, don't eat anymore these days, and just plain TIRED! I needed a break, even a five minuite break. Anything to get away from this nightmare of constant boxing. 10 boxes of JUST scrapbooking stuff...I don't even want to tell you how many food boxes we have, how much spegghetti sauce I was unaware of. Really enough for a whole country to be fed delicious speghetti, which sounds SOOO delicious to me...except I can't eat! NO time, plus on a diet away from my delicious carbs that tend to make me not so grouchy. If I could just eat some comfort food I think I would feel OH so much better. Taco Bell cheesy beefy burrito maybe? I think not! I have to keep reminding myself it will all be worth it when I am layin on the beach in the carribean in 4 weeks from tomorrow. After three days of moving my house is turned completley upside down right now. I have no time for details...just a really needed moment of venting. Now back to work I go. Here is good bye to my little oasis...oh how I will miss swimming!!!


Heather B said...

SOOOO SORRY BRIT!!! Moving sucks! Packing boxes sucks! Leaving your beautiful home and pool SUCKS! Not eating carbs sucks most of all!! Keep plugging away. I would sneak a midnight run to Taco Bell if I were you. Just this once. :)

Jenn and Tyler said...

I am sorry my love! You can vent all day to me at work I am here for you!! And I agree with Heather on the taco bell run anytime bestie!! haha