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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Salt River Fun

Playing Horse in the pool. Jonny just made the can see the happiness in his face...haha!

Andrea's adorable little girl! LOVE her! Kaya is the bravest little 3 yr old you will ever meet.

Seth poured ICE cold water on us after tubing for a few hours! I am actually wearing his shirt since mine got lost on the river.


These were some pics from our loong day in the water on Monday! We went tubing down the Salt River with some friends of ours which was a blast! We could hardley move it was so busy...but all the drunk people made things interesting!lol! I am just grateful my tube didn't pop like it did last time...whew!


Jenn and Tyler said...

HAHA looks like you all had so much fun!! Sucks about the cold water on your face tho!! Stink!! Wish would could have made it! Next time!!!

AZ Finters said...

When Aaron and I went years ago for the 4th, we saw lots of naked drunk people. Kinda interesting.