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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Think I might want to go Back

A few years ago on one of the cruises Jonny and I went on with some friends we stopped at a beautiful Island called St Thomas. From their we took a small shuttle over to St Johns and spent just a day at this AMAZING water! Jonny and I have been itching to go on a trip...think we may have to go back here this time around!!!! And Jenn...think you might have to go with me...:) Time to plan!!!!!!! These next 8 weeks are going to go by fast since I am helping plan my little sisters wedding!!!! SO excited for that! August 6th is her big day...and just a few short weeks after that...we will be in the Carribean!!! Time for a count down till September 18th!!!!!


Heather said...

sounds like super fun. I really need to plan something for me to do and look forward too.

karis stapley said...

Awesome! That place looks fantastic!
And Congrats to Sarah! I heard she's marrying the Elggren boy from my parents ward. pretty cool.

Jenn and Tyler said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thats right baby!!! No more work for the next 4 months only planning!! wha ha ha ha we are so excited!!!!!! SCUBA and SNORKEL FOR LIFE!!! AND a whole week with the Britt Britt! Best ever!! haha loves!!