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Monday, June 14, 2010

My Trip to Utah

Only a select few were able to meet with the formulator of our Product Dr Joe McCord- seriously amazing guy!

We had over 40 people their from our group which we were really excited about!:) All of us tried to meet up for lunch so we had to take up like half of Olive Garden..haha!

The New convention center- a million square feet! It's HUGE!

Brigham Young's House- Man! Not sure how I would feel about having like 28 wives around! I guess only the first wife lived in this big house though full of 30 rooms!!! CRAZY!!

These are really the only pics I got without it raining...:( Oh well!

Last week went to Salt Lake from Wednesday afternoon to Sunday for our business training we have every four months. The training was amazing and full of good information...but the rest of the trip was a bit miserable with the weather. Jonny and the boys went golfing with a group of 40 people while us wives and the kids went to the theme park the Lagoon. I have never been there before but it was a pretty fun park actually. They had a lot of fun rollar coasters and a pretty big water park. After going on the rides we finally jumped into the ice cold water when it started hailing!!! Goodness! We FINALLY get in the water and it hails on us. So needless to say we left the park a little earlier then we expected, went back to the hotel, and jumped in the Jacuzzi to warm up. I was seriously FREEZING going from 110 degree weather to rain and hail in Utah! I totally forgot about my camera for most of thr trip but I did get a few pictures of the conference and the temple. Oddly enough, I have NEVER been to temple sad is that? Kinda like me living in Arizona and NEVER having seen the Grand Canyon-pathetic. Anywho- I LOVED being able to go through the new and old conference center and being able to see Brigham Youngs old house! These buildings truly have such a different spirit then anywhere else. It made me want to go to conference so bad! Sadly I have never gone through a session in any other temple then the Mesa One. I forgot a skirt and wasn't able to go through the live sessions at the Salt Lake Temple. :( It made me want to start going more often though so if anyone wants a buddy to go with I would love to start going more often!!:) I ended up getting rained on so bad that I got stuck in the assembly hall for like an hour! Next time I would like to do the full tours and see everything! It was just raining way too bad to see everything. We stopped and slept in Vegas on the way back, our friend decided to gamble for like 5 minuites and won $150. I have never really been willing to take much of a risk...sooo no gambeling for me! It was a short trip and I loved all the exciting stuff we learned! The product our business endorses now has opened up in Japan and also has Major Universities studying it's effects on the body. There is some exciting stuff ging on and can't wait for the next few months! It's getting exciting! They have an incentive now for a possible cruise to the Carribean in November!! Time to get our butts in gear!Wooo hoo!!!!!!!


jmcrosby said...

Temple Square is pretty amazing. I hope that you get a chance to attend a session of conference and go through a live session at the Salt Lake temple. They are both an incredible experience.

Tisha and Mark said...

Love Temple Square! Sorry the weather was so crappy while you were here. Utah still is one of the most beautiful places in the summer :)

Jenn and Tyler said...

Looks like you had so much fun my love!!!! Even though I missed you like crazy at work!! You look HOT in the pants in your pic! So glad the business is doing so well. :) You are amazing and I love your face!

Heather said...

How fun! I am so glad that you got to see temple square. Good for you. Sorry it had to rain so much. That does put a damper on things. I am all about being your temple buddy. Just let me know when.