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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Crazy Crash

First off-thank you for your opinions on the hair do!:) I think I will keep it short and blonde a little while longer and just go from there! You guys are the best!!! I got off work early Friday to start our memorial weekend off right! We were headed up to Payson to go on a quick fishing trip when we were stopped by this crazy accident!! We saw tons of thick black smoke but traffic wasn't stopped at first so we had no idea what was going on! Crazy enough- the cop came and stopped traffic literally three cars in front of us so we were stuck at the scene of the accident for over an hour! There was an RV that overheated so the man who owned it pulled over-did I mention he payed 300,000 dollars for this 40 ft RV?-annnnd it went into flames! We sat by for over an hour waiting for a fire truck to come by...the WHOLE time this thing was literally engulfed with flames just a few feet away! A fire marshall came by and said they were waiting for the propane tanks to blow...hmmmm that sounded a bit dangerous to me! Already there was a tire that had blown off and caused a fire in the middle of the road! So we waited. There were a few small explosions but we all lived. They finally allowed a few cars to move slowly. We were one of the first few to move. We got stuck in front of the flames for a while though. It was hot. It was an interesting start to our weekend to say the least! I was glad we at least got to see all the action up close!!! No one was hurt thankfully and it only set us back about an hour. I will have to post pictures of our fun fishing trip later on...for now...hope all of you are enjoying your holiday weekend!


Jenn and Tyler said...

That is so crazy!!!! FRONT row seat!!! haha glad you guys are ok and didn't get blown up!

karis stapley said...

Wow! Crazy story! One I'm sure you won't forget soon! Cool that you got pics of it too.