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Monday, December 21, 2009

My Nursery Kids

Dallas(such a sweetie!!!!)

We take them on walks outside if the weather is nice which they love!

They also get story time every week with the DuTemples

Kaitlyn (My niece)-she was quite the grouch on picture day!

Ella (She was not wanting to smile when one of the other moms mentioned Santa and she gave us this smirk! We were all dying laughing it was so cute! She ended up sleeping the next two hours of church!)

Wyatt (Such a sweet kid!)

Olivia (Gorgeous isn't she??)

Mazden (Honestly the happiest kid I have ever met!)

Maddox (We could not get him to smile even with a bribe of a treat!haha!)

Madi (So stinkin cute! )

Lucia (She is such a smart little girl!)
Aren't they so stinkin cute! I just adore all of them! I have been in nursery for a while now and finally decided to get some pics of them! We made little ornaments with their picture on it for their Christmas Tree last Sunday! They were so difficult to get to smile on the camera!

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Jenn and Tyler said...

Such cute kidos! so fun! I miss nursery! Love your countdown by the way FLUFFER basset forever!! hahaha LOVE U!