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Sunday, November 1, 2009


I wasn't anything scary but I did do a last minute dress up at least! I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween! It happens to be one of my favorite Holidays of the year and I had no time to plan for it...:( I have had way too much going on the past few weeks but still had fun overall. At work we all dress up and have a big party every year which is fun...we decorate the cubes by making haunted houses out of them..kinda spooky!!! I dressed up as a baby by wearing an adult got so hot though that half the day I just wore regular pajamas. Halloween day my sister in law had a party so we hung out over for part of the evening. Our nieces and nephews were all dressed up and so dang cute!!! They watched The Haunting in 3 D but Jonny and I went home and slept. We were both pretty exhausted from all the running around we did that day. We were just a tad bit boring this year but I am slowly getting ready for Thanksgiving. Our families both have a lot going on so this year will be pretty busy!! Hope everyone is ready for November and December...CRAZY time of year!!!!


Clint Hosman said...

Who is that guy in the short shorts? He is dreamy!

Jonny and Brittany said...

hahahaha...nice Clint!! I wonder....