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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip to California!!!!

Ok...picture overload!!! I just got back from a week in Cali and had a blast!!! Our friends Randy and Kara spent the whole trip with us which made things even more fun! The first day we got there we went to a mall in San Diego and went shopping...watched Transformers at the Theater and went out dancing that much fun! The next few days we went to business meetings and dinners which included listening to Montel Williams for the opening of Life Vantage (Jon's Business) He got invited to a VIP dinner which was delish and a blast! All of us being exhausted we somehow got the energy to go dancing again! I think seeing Jonny and Randy dance was probably the best part...Then we spent a day on the beach and ended all of it with Disney Land and California Adventures!! I am so sad to be back and have to go back to work tomorrow...but as always happy to be back in my own bed! We are now planning a trip with our friends to Hawaii which is only a few short months away!!!! I am WAY excited for that! Until then I am back to school and keeping busy with work...:)


Basarabas said...

How fun! I've been wanting to go to Disneyland....I'd take Hawaii too!

~Hartwig Family~ said...

Looks like a blast! How fun :-)

Heather said...

sounds and looks so much fun. You look great in your black and white outfits. Very sassy I may say.

Kara said...

Aw, Im totally steeling some of those pictures! It really was the best time ever, and I cant wait until our next trip!!

Suni said...

Great pictures and what a fun trip!!