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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Not Preggo

I know everyone wants the update since it has been exactly two weeks since my trial number one of artificial insemination. It didn't work.:( There wasn't even the slightest line to show up on that pregnancy test I took. I will be getting a call from my Doctor today with instuctions of what to do now. To be honest half of me doesn't know if I can handle going through it again. My body is exhausted and I emotionally can't handle another failure. It was the longest two weeks of my life waiting for the answer. I am just going to pray a lot and try to decide what to do from here. Thank you all for your support!


Heather said...

Seriously I will just carry it for you and you can keep your skinny hot body : )

Jenn and Tyler said...

Not preggo together forever!! haha I sorry love. You know I here for you though love you times ONE MILLION!!

karis stapley said...

We'll def. keep praying for you guys! We have some friends that did A.I. & it took awhile but finally it happened & at the same time that they were adopting a little girl & now they're only 7 mos. apart! I know you'll have a great story to tell your kids some day of how they came into your family! :) Best wishes to you guys!

Kara said...

So sorry Britt :( Praying surely is the best thing you can do, its through Him that you can find the greatest comfort! I do hope it happens for you soon!