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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Embryo

Ha Ha! Ok I have a very funny tory to tell! First off, I should explain that I was at the dollar store the other day to pick up pregnancy tests. A friend of mine swore to me that I should get them there. And of course I'm too excited to wait so I went to pick them up! Now I have a friend who says not to get them there so I probably won't even use them. Anyways, As I was in line I saw this funny toy. It was an egg that had that gak stuff that looks wet but is really dry on the inside of it. It also came with a little plate and fork. (See the Picture) I went home and put it on my counter to show Jon later that night. My mother in law has been staying at my house the past few weeks so she has been in and out of the house. My mother in law (who is super sweet by the way) Calls me last night sounding very frantic. She just kept saying over and over "Brittany, you're gonna hate me! I don't know how to tell you this!" It seriously took her like 5 minuites to get to the point! I thought she had burnt my house down or something because she sounded so upset. She proceeded to tell me that she saw this egg on the couter and thought it was a toy so she opened it up (here's the kicker) she realized then that this must have been my egg!! She thought it was my embryo and I was using it to try to get pregnant!!! I could not stop laughing as I told her that it was just a toy from the dollar store! I still can't believe she wouls have ever thought that could have been real! Number one- it looks nothing like what a womans egg or embryo would look like! Number two- why would I leave something that important on the counter with a FORK AND PLATE! Did she think I was going to eat my baby? I thought it was too funny to not share! Hope you got a laugh out of it like I did!


karis stapley said...

OH MY GOSH! I AM DIEING LAUGHING!! THAT IS WAYYY TOO FUNNY!!! AND TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!! that totally cracked me up! thanks for sharing. and uh, our eggs are extremely small as well as they don't look like chicken eggs at all. Too cute!

Kara said...

HAHAHA! That is hilarious! I will always think of you when I eat fried eggs from now on! :)

Jason & Amanda Chapman said...

That is hilarious!!!! I'm still laughing my head off!!! That was cute!

Julie said...

LOL This post was soooo funny that I made Jason stop what he was doing so I could read it to him!!!!!! Thanks for sharing I got a real laugh out of it. ;)