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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Before and After

The finished product! Jonny added black molding!
All I need now is a new table an some pretty curtains!

Painting! What a mess!!

Getting the Tile in

How our Kitchen Came

My house is still not completely done but it's come a LONG way from 2 years ago when we moved in! It's been tons of fun but as I looked at these old pictures it reminded me of all the ideas I still need to work on! So now I have some new projects to do slowly but surley!!! Jonny was such a trooper today! He worked so hard making our front yard look perfect! The weeds were getting a little out of control! We are done with landscaping we just really want to get a jacuzzi!!!! When we bought our home it was a spec home so we wanted to redo a lot of what was already done..Here are the messy Before and After pictures! I will start with just my kitchen. The only thing left to do is get a new kitchen table and get some window coverings I like! I know exactly what I want I just have to save the money now to purchase it!:) My next project is to get our guest bathroom done! We'll see how that goes! If anyone has any good ideas let me know!!!!


karis stapley said...

I love it! You've def. got good taste! Very nice & very well done! It's always so fun to see the before & after shots when its all done! Good job on documenting it. We've made the mistake of not doing that a few times & realized it in the middle of the project, oops!

Kara said...

Good job! I have been thinking a lot lately about all the stuff I want to do to my house when we get the money. I realized that there is a LOT that I want to remodel even. I cant wait!

Christy said...

I looks great! Redecorating is so invigorating and satisfying. I love the creative and decorative process. So fun. Miss you!

Jenn and Tyler said...

It looks so good! Way to go love! Can u come do my house next!haha