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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes My husband and I are complete nerds!!! We officially bought bowling shoes for the both of us!! These pink and white ones are the ones in the mail and coming to my house this week! Jonny got some boy ones...but hopefully I will convince him of a pink bowling shirt...:)Our friends Randy and Kara and sometimes some of our other friends go bowling every Monday night now!!! I think we are going on about 6 weeks straight now or something like that! It's our new tradition and we love it!!! My friend Kara is an amazing bowler and is trying to slowly teach me her skills! My husband is actually really good as well as he was in a bowling league in high school. (I know ...nerd) Either way I BEAT HIM last Monday!!!! I was so proud of myself! It didn't last long though because he beat me the next three games!!!! For those of you who don't know, Monday night is $1 bowling at the new Gilbert bowling alley!! The shoes though are about $4 each! That adds up each week so we finally decided to just buy bowling shoes! This will be worth it for our bowling nights! We usually bowl three to four games!! Either way it's been a blast!!! Who ever would like to join us is welcome to come! Now Jonny is looking into getting a bowling ball eventually...Ridiculous! Never knew bowling was so much fun!!! Thank you Randy and Kara for getting us into the game! See you guys tomorrow for another eventful night!!! Love ya guys!!!


Basarabas said...

Love the shoes!! Sounds like you guys have a great time!

Heather said...

sounds like so much fun. I'm totally jealous. I'm glad you are getting out and doing so many fun stuff.

Kara said...

lol, you are such a sweet heart. But come on, amazing bowler?? I dont think so! you can tell me that when I break 200 :) You should post a blog with your score from last night, you know, the game that you kicked my trash? Yeah it was a blast, yet again last night and Im so exited for you guys and your shoes! I will have to check the bank account and see what we can do about getting ours. See you on Wednesday!!