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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolution!

I am so excited this year because Jonny and I are going to look dang hot in 90 days! Yes our resolution is to get lookin hot again! I am too embaressed to post our before pictures but I once I get back in shape I'll think about it! We are going to be doing the P90 x workout system! My sister said it's supposed to work so I'm trusting her! Actually though it's pretty hard core! We have to workout for an hour every day and eat a lot better! So one of our many resolutions is to faithfully do this workout system! I hope all of you have a fantastic New Years Eve!!


Jason & Amanda Chapman said...

Hey!!!! Brittany, I haven't seen you for a loooong time! Hope all is well!!! By the way, my husband and I LOVE P90X!

Kara said...

Hey I wanna look hot again too!! :)