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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jonny's Birthday

Jonny's Birthday was pretty fun this year. We had a family birthday party the day after Thanksgiving and then left for the weekend to the Cibola Vista Resort in Peoria for the weekend. It was a gorgeous room and we got to relax all weekend. We chose to go there for the weekend because the Ben Avery shooting Range was a few miles from the resort. Jonny took a few of his guns up to go shooting. I was HORRIBLE!!! But it was still tons of fun! Funny story...When Jon was shooting the gun I was sitting next to him getting his amo all set up. His gun shoots super fast and the shells shot out the side and kept hitting me. Well one decided to fly right down my shirt and burn me!!! It scared the crap out of me! I thought I was shot! Lesson not sit right noext to someone while their shooting a gun.

The cake I made for Jonny

Jonny and his Mom

The pool at the resort

Me with the gun

Video of Jon shooting clay pigeons Me trying to shoot an extremley powerful gun

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