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Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy 2 Week Birthday Deklan!!!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Deklan's 2 week birthday (18 days early still from his actual due date now) We did this by going to the Doctors to get his weight check- this little chunker now weigh 4.12 pounds- a whopping .8 pounds more from the week before!!! He is amazing everyone by sleeping, eating, pooping, and acting JUST like a newborn- even though he was a good 5 weeks early! Mommy and Daddy are SO proud! Even though we are getting NO sleep these days we still find time to take excessive pictures of this little one! He hates the flash so I can't seem to catch everything- but I sure try! Here are a few of his "firsts. " :)

First kisses from Family! 
 LOTS of hanging out with Dad time- Jonny has been AMAZING with him- it's crazy to me how fast he was good with this little guy! He loves his time he get's with his son! :)
 First Bath at Home - Don't worry I did take the diaper off eventually :)
Watching tv with dad- He ALWAYS sleeps with his hands on his face- just like in the womb :)
 All of his clothes are WAY to big! haha
 Here is FINALLY fitting in Preemie clothes!
 Him next to his bear- hahahaha! Kills me how tiny he is!
 Tummy Time
 Kangaroo time with mom- I apologize for the nakedness- I am pretty much always indisposed these days :) I will try to keep things PG 13 though :)

 He LOVES hanging out with dad. It's been amazing having him home!

for those of you interested in reading the details of Deklans birth story go HERE. I have LOTS more to post- but for now we will just say HAPPY 2 WEEK Birthday Buddy!!!!!


Rob and Becca Bingham said...

I love the shot with that huge bear! He looks so small! How fun!

Megan said...

Way to go, Deklan! Happy 2 weeks! That bear sure makes him look teeny tiny - so cute :)

janet rashell m. said...

So cute Brittany! Congratulations on your sweet little boy! Love your shoes at the top!!

Mandy C said...
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Love Jones said...

The picture with that big ol bear is priceless!!!

Tisha and Mark said...

So cute! I can't believe how small he is...seriously, you will look back when he is one and wonder where in the heck that time went. Kingston will be one in less than a month and that snuggle time is gone! Thanks for posting pics for those of us that live so far away :) He is an angel!